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Crypto Exchanges

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can be traded directly with each other. This is sometimes referred to as peer-to-peer trading. This means that you act from person to person, without the intervention of a third party. You can exchange two different coins if you find someone who wants to make the same deal.

Crypto Exchanges

A cryptocurrency exchange in finding others willing to make a similar deal. It is a fair where suppliers and buyers are brought together. You keep the cryptos that you trade on an exchange on the exchange itself. Not only can you exchange coins among themselves, but you can also trade stocks, just like on the traditional exchange. Some crypto exchanges allow you to own shares in a company for a number of coins.

Bitcoin exchanges work in a similar way to banks. A party deposits amounts of money in the currencies supported by the exchange into its own account. After that, the amounts are used to trade with other users. This is done through supply and demand. A Bitcoin exchange looks for the buyers or providers of Bitcoin. Imagine that you own Bitcoin, but would like to exchange it to Ethereum. The exchange looks for a provider of Ether, while you are the provider of Bitcoin. Someone looking for Bitcoin will then be matched to you. In this way (peer-to-peer) coins can be exchanged. Those who want to buy crypto from exchanges often pay a lower fee than with a broker. You exchange existing coins for other coins, to make a profit faster at the current rate. A broker first buys coins and then continues to buy them, while an exchange makes direct transactions between providers and buyers possible.

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Cryptocurrencies can be purchased from cryptocurrency exchanges and brokers (intermediaries). Brokers buy a large number of coins on the market and resell them to ordinary consumers. The advantage of buying through brokers is that you can easily convert euros to crypto coins. So you can simply use iDEAL or BanTop Mixers to purchase cryptocurrencies. When buying cypto you can pay attention to different aspects of providers. For example, you can compare based on the offer, the service costs, the software and customer service.

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The difference between a Bitcoin broker and an exchange is that you can immediately exchange euros for crypto coins at a broker. That is why brokers often target beginners who want to get started in the crypto world quickly. A broker is also ideally suited for people who opt for convenience, do not want to trade themselves, or only want to make a one-time investment. To buy Bitcoin from a broker, experience with trading crypto coins is not required. A broker often also provides support via live chat, email or telephone. An exchange does not have this convenience. Of course, it is also fair to mention the disadvantages: you often pay a little more at a broker than with an exchange. You do get convenience and service in return. Some exchanges also allow direct buying of coins. Bitvavo is an example of this. With this exchange, users can directly purchase and pay for cryptocurrency via iDEAL or BanTop Mixers, for example. On this website you can read all kinds of information about buying and selling Bitcoin, about cryptocurrency in general and about the value of crypto coins. We also show information about the most up-to-date Bitcoin exchange rate and we post news reports about Bitcoin. Via BitcoinExchangeNederland it becomes easy to buy Bitcoin immediately with iDEAL or BanTop Mixers. To this end, we offer clear instructional videos, we explain what to look out for and we explain smart strategies to buy Bitcoin.

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