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BTC Nitro is the world's most powerful bitcoin transaction accelerator that accelerates BTC transactions by reducing the waiting time for confirmations.


By redirecting your transaction through up to 30 Blockchain nodes, we can significantly reduce the time they can get stuck in a queue (known as a mempool) during busy periods or when you have low mining fees. This allows you to process your transaction much faster.


Just as Bitcoin transactions themselves are (in general) private, we also value privacy and do not ask you for registration or personal information. If we decide to launch any paid service, paying with crypto is definitely an option and no registration is required.

It's free

In fact, this site is ad-supported, so technically someone else is paying for it. Therefore, we ask you not to use an ad blocker, otherwise we will not be able to offer our btc transaction accelerator service; because we have maintenance and service costs. Simple economics. Speed ​​up your BTC transaction in a few clicks. It's free.

Speed ​​up your transactions

Every time you make a Bitcoin transaction, that is, send or receive Bitcoins from or to your wallet, your transaction is "broadcast" on the blockchain. This tells the miners that your transaction is ready and awaiting processing and; marked as "confirmed" after processing. These are usually the confirmations that you expect when you spend your BTC, because they serve as proof that your Bitcoin has actually been sent and received. Unfortunately, this process can take longer than you would like and you will have to wait longer than you would like to confirm the transaction. This is especially true when the blockchain is busy, when in some cases you can wait several days for confirmation! However, what BTC Nitro does is relay your transaction through a series of global bitcoin nodes, which reduces the time miners wait to learn about your transaction and start processing it, which speeds up your bitcoin transaction. Whom did we help 13,000 Transactions are accelerating $ 728,000 Transaction cost 71,000 Saved waiting hours

How long will I wait for confirmations?

As with many other technical questions, the answer "depends on the circumstances." There are several variables to consider, such as how busy the blockchain network is and how high (or low) the fees you used when sending bitcoins. It is important to know that 97% of the time you will wait less time if you speed up the transaction here than if you did not! In some cases, transactions waiting for confirmation within a few hours will receive their first confirmation within 3-4 minutes after using this service. In fact, a lot of people simply send their bitcoins from whatever wallet they use and then immediately boost it with BTC Nitro for good measure. Some of our partners ... bitnovo Blockexplorer bitpay blockchain white SpectroCoin

How often can I use the Service?

We currently limit the frequency to once every six hours (for every single transaction). Our closest competitor a) only has 4 nodes, but he claims that there are more of them (we always have 10+) and b) limits you to once every 8 hours. What parts are you collecting? The only thing the system needs is your transaction ID. This information is anonymous and in any case is freely available. We don't keep any other records ... because we don't need to. Please read our privacy policy to learn about our advertisers and how they process data. What makes BTC Nitro different from others? While there are other services that claim to do the same, many of them don't actually work. If you are using Google Chrome and check the network console, you will see that many of the nodes they use are not actually working, the API is faulty or misconfigured. BTC Nitro accelerated transactions are verified every time, and if any node does not respond, we will use one of our 15 private nodes that we know for sure are online. Thus, each transaction will be relayed from 10 globally distributed full blockchain nodes. Can I do it myself? Of course you can! Many of the relayed sites have public APIs or even web pages where you can enter the transaction ID yourself. BTC Nitro simply connects to 10 of these nodes (or our own) and does it for you with one click for free.

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