What is an ICO?




An ICO or initial coin offering is a term for crowdfunding projects within the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. When participating in an ICO you buy tokens (crypto units), with this you help finance a specific project within the decentralized applications.

ICO token sale what is that?

The ICO is almost always public, so everyone can participate in the market where the new blockchain party will strengthen itself. Buying this new crypto coin is usually possible with; Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple or fiat because of this, the company receives money for its project. Owning tokens within an ICO cannot be compared to holding shares of a company, more on this later. It is true that with certain ICO the token holders have the right to vote and can exchange these tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges. For this, the company in question must first be profitable and make a name for itself within the cryptocurrency world.

It is important to investigate why you want to participate in a certain crowd token sales. Does the company have an idea that will solve a global problem? We think that is a good reason to invest in a Token sale. Most ICOs are run on the Ethereum network, it is very simple to set up a token sale via Ether through smart Top Mixerss.

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ICO and the Crypto Finance

ICOs are completely changing the world of finance and crypto finance. We can say that the financial world is shaking on its foundation due to this turnaround in the stock market world. Previously only the men with ties in expensive tailor-made suits and large cars could participate at the fair, now you and I can too. A lot of people have become rich by participating in certain ICO token sales. The best known of these is the Ether (ETH), at the time you could invest in ethereum for a few cents per ether. At the moment, the value of 1 ETH is more than € 600.

What you should pay close attention to within the token sale & ICOs is whether the party you are going to invest in is reliable. What we do is always carefully check the team behind the company and check for authenticity. Very often parties indicate that they have advisors in the team, these are often leading names in the internet world. After research, these people do not seem to support the idea at all and are part of the team of advisors. Often these companies (if you can call it that) are founded with the sole purpose of stealing money from you with their idea. The websites where the token sale is sold often look very slick and have been set up with care. Everything seems good, the first months you as a token holder will be kept well informed of all developments. The price of the coin goes up nicely from 0.02 to 0.50 and then what you didn't see coming will happen. The founders of the ICO own an x ​​number of tokens (millions), they raise the price to a nice profit and from that moment on they sell everything. An example of this is: Plexcoin

Why join an ICO?

This question is very general and depends entirely on the project, team and type of token sale. We have also just indicated that it can be incredibly profitable to invest in an ICO. Everything depends on the idea and the team we always ask ourselves the following questions. Who are on the team and are these names meaningful? Is this project going to solve a problem that affects us around the world? Are these advisors' team verified and can they be trusted? How is the token built, can you live with this? Is the project / company registered with the relevant Chamber of Commerce? How can I participate and where is this recorded?

ICO why invest?

Most importantly, we must not forget, dig in! That is, read about the problem that the project solves. Is it all as rosy as is indicated by default on a token sale website. Everyone is convinced of their own idea, but go and research it, and do not focus blindly on the idea of ​​a particular ICO. Major ICOs in 2020 2018 will go down in the books as the largest cryptocurrency year, a year in which many new cryptocurrency start-ups will start. This year there will be a lot of token sales again, but there are only a few important ICOs in 2018. For you we have announced our ICO top 3 of 2020. Below are the ICOs / cryptocurrency startups where you are worth investing in 2020!

Details about join an ICO

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Name join an ICO
Started Operating 2020 · June · 14
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