While Bitcoin was updating its price, Coinbase stopped trading




American cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase halted trading that night while Bitcoin was approaching its 2019 high of about $ 13,880.

According to Coinbase

According to Coinbase, "trading has been stopped due to loading issues." Subsequently, the order books were switched to "cancel only" mode.

“We are currently studying the problem,” the exchange writes.

Coinbase has experienced multiple disruptions due to increased cryptocurrency market volatility in the past. The last such case, according to the information on the service page of the exchange, was recorded on September 4. 4 minutes before Coinbase's official announcement of the suspension of trading, the bitcoin price reached a local high of about $ 13,780, after which it rolled back below $ 13,600. At 03.24 GMT, Coinbase began to resume trading in a limited mode.