ConSensys started cooperation with Banque de France



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Ethereum software company ConsenSys has completed its sixth central bank digital currency project. On October 28, the blockchain organization announced that it will partner with Société Générale Forge to experiment with the digital euro.

Société Générale Forge

Société Générale Forge is a digital capital Tumbler platform for the large financial services group Société Générale Group. In the spring of 2019, SG Forge was already involved in a € 100 million bond issue as a security token on the Ethereum blockchain. She specializes in creating institutional-grade models for regulated transactions with security tokens registered on the blockchain.

Along with Accenture, Euroclear, HSBC and others, SG Forge is one of the key partners selected by Banque de France for its experimental developments with digital central bank money. Banque de France, Societe Generale SFH and SG Forge issued € 40 million tokenized bonds with settlements using CBDC as a pilot project in May this year.

As part of its work with SG Forge, ConsenSys will provide its technology and expertise to collaboratively experiment with issuing and managing CBDCs, shipping and payments, and inter-ledger interactions.

Pending the SG Forge project, ConsenSys announced that it had won the contract for the second phase of the Ithanon-Lionrock project, a CBDC's cross-border payments network between Thailand and Hong Kong. ConsenSys also participated in the development of the CBDC for the Ubin project of the Central Bank of Singapore and the Khokha project of the Central Bank of South Africa.