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In this Crypto Masterclass review we cover the crypto course of AllesOverCrypto. The course was created by Patrick Suiker and Derek Westra who have been involved with everything to do with Bitcoin and altcoins for a long time. We have purchased the Cryptocurrency Course ourselves to see what they cover and to provide an honest review. We will therefore go deeper into what exactly you are going to learn, see whether Patrick Suiker and Derek Westra are reliable and whether the course is worth your money. Of course, we also provide a lot of information about cryptocurrency and can therefore estimate whether this crypto training is worth the money.

Who are Derek Westra and Patrick Suiker?

Derek, his brother Robin and Patrick set up the AllesOverCrypto website together in mid-2017. Like CryptoTips, they provide more information about cryptocurrency, blockchain and everything related to it. Derek and Patrick both first encountered crypto in 2013 and haven't let go of it since. So they have over 6 years of experience with cryptocurrency and this has been translated into a crypto course. Derek has completed his master's degree in Behavioral Game Theory (Behavioral Game Theory) at VU University Amsterdam (VU) and is interested in the psychology behind our economy. Since 2013 he has been working full-time with cryptocurrency and blockchain. In addition to maintaining his website and his course, he is a growth hacker, helping companies to grow through experimental methods.

Patrick is 27 years old and is an entrepreneur in heart and soul. He studied Entrepreneurship at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and of course also completed it. From an early age he has been involved in entrepreneurship and has never stopped. The third person involved in this project is Robin Westra. He is the technical brain behind the website and all BtcNews on the website. He does not appear in the course.

What is the Cryptocurrency Course?

As the name of the course already implies, this is a course especially for people who want to start with cryptocurrency trading. Think of how you can buy cryptocurrency, which security measures you must take, how you can get paid and how you can trade. Check out our beginner's guide to buying cryptocurrency here. The course of these gentlemen is of course a lot more extensive. Cover of the beginner course Derek and Patrick show through training videos, texts and ebooks all the steps you need to take to get started with cryptocurrency. After purchasing the course you will get lifetime access to all videos, blogs and bonuses. This allows you to plan your time when you want to learn. The course consists of an introduction, seven learning modules, bonus lessons and a final exam. In between, you can test your own knowledge by taking a quiz. That way you can test yourself whether you have mastered everything. Only when you get 70% right you can continue with the course, so you really have to learn something! Read the Crypto Masterclass review quickly to find out how the course is structured.

What will I learn with the Cryptocurrency course?

In this Crypto Masterclass review, we will go into what you will learn as deeply as possible, without revealing too much. The course consists of 7 modules that we will discuss in detail later. Keep in mind that it can take about a day for each module. The last module takes a little more time and we advise you to really take your time for this. The crypto course is on-demand and you can decide for yourself when you start learning. So you can also decide to watch a video again to get it right to you. First you will be welcomed by the students Derek and Patrick, then the real training starts. If you are seriously interested, prepare the following Are you seriously planning to buy Crypto Masterclass? Then you can already make preparations by registering with the parties below. That way you save time and you can fully focus on the content of the course. Save time and register with.

Save time and register with:

Bitvavo (trade the first € 1000 for free) Binance (now 20% lifetime friend discount) BitMEX (10% discount for the first 6 months) Litebit IDEX TradeOgre Module 1: The money of the future This is more of an introduction to crypto and blockchain, but it will take you a while. You get all the basic information about Bitcoin, blockchain and altcoins. This entire section consists of substantial texts that provide more information about the subject. Each text is tested with an exam of 7 questions. A 100% score is of course the aim, but you only need 70% to continue.

about crypto

You will learn how money was created and what this says about crypto. Subsequently, the topic Bitcoin deals with what it is exactly and whether it will ever become a payment method. You will learn how the blockchain technology behind Bitcoin works. It covers what smart contracts are, which cryptocurrencies exist and whether you are still in time to invest in Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency Beginner Course Overview The introduction contains the following lessons: What is money and how did it originate? What is Bitcoin? What is blockchain? What are smart contracts and how do they work? What are cryptocurrencies and what types are we familiar with?

Module 2: Buying your first crypto

You will learn how to buy cryptocurrency from different parties. The part consists entirely of instructional videos and quizzes to test your knowledge. We also cover this topic for free on our website. You will be the first to learn how to buy crypto at Bitvavo. Coincidentally, we have also described this part extensively. You can invest in crypto and pay with iDEAL from as little as € 1. The platform is relatively simple for novice users and speaks for itself. You will also learn how to buy cryptocurrency at Binance, we have also described that. Read here how Binance works. Both Bitvavo and Binance are cryptocurrency exchanges, but Bitvavo is more aimed at the novice user. As an extra, you will also learn how the decentralized exchange IDEX works, how BitMEX works (trading with margin trading and leverages) and how to buy crypto at Litebit.

Module 2 contains the following lessons:

Buy your first crypto (Bitvavo) (9 minutes) Buy the most popular cryptocurrency with Bitcoins (Binance) (10 minutes) Buy crypto on a decentralized exchange (IDEX) (9 minutes) Buy crypto using perpetual contracts (7 minutes) Buy hidden crypto pearls on a small exchange (7 minutes)

Module 3: Build your unbreakable safe

Security is of paramount importance to cryptocurrency. The fact is that cryptocurrency transactions are final and cannot be reversed. If someone has access to your wallet, you have actually lost everything. You can read how to protect yourself against this in the second module. You will first learn what exactly a wallet is and which different wallets there are. Think of paper wallets, hardware wallets (such as the Nano Ledger X) and software wallets (Stellite in the course). View the top 5 Bitcoin wallets here and why a hardware wallet is the best choice. Next, you will learn more about two-step verification. This part consists of text and instructional videos. Module 3 contains the following lessons: What is a cryptocurrency wallet? Put your crypto offline on a paper wallet (14 minutes) Keep your crypto as safe as possible with a hardware wallet (5 minutes) Secure your crypto on your PC with a software wallet (6 minutes) Secure your crypto on an exchange with 2FA Authenticator (5 minutes)

Module 3: The earned reward

This is the most fun part of cryptocurrency. You will learn here how to pay out your winnings. For example, if you have traded in BTC, you will learn how to sell Bitcoin for euros here. Or how you can generally sell cryptocurrency. They show you how to send your crypto from the Binance exchange to Bitvavo and then pay it out. In the second part you will learn how to pay out from a software wallet via Bitonic. And in the last video you will learn how to cash out your BitMEX winnings via Kraken. This part consists of 3 instruction videos. Module 4 contains the following lessons: Pay out your winnings as simply as possible (Bitvavo) (5 minutes) Have your money as soon as possible (Bitonic) (5 minutes) The cheapest way to profit within raking (Kraken) (12 minutes)

Module 5: Be the first investor

We find this module remarkable, because in 2020 hardly any more ICOs are held. Looking at the past, it has become apparent that a large proportion of ICOs have failed to deliver on their promise. Some have even disappeared from the face of the earth. In 2019, the IEO made an advance, but those coins have also achieved less returns than initially thought. The advantage of an IEO is that an exchange does the research for you and facilitates the sale. Although ICOs were very popular, we do not recommend investing in them anymore. We have to be honest in our Crypto Masterclass review and as far as we are concerned, this chapter can be left out. The video invests in Miracle Tele (TELE), whose website is currently offline and the coin is not traded on any exchange. So watch out! Module 5 contains the following lessons: What is an ICO? (5 minutes) Participate in an ICO (15 minutes)

Chapter 6: The Future - Crypto Trading

In our opinion, this is the best chapter we cover in our Crypto Masterclass review and here you learn to make real money with cryptocurrency. It covers how an exchange works and how you can read graphs. The gentlemen provide definitions that you really need to know while trading or watching videos on YouTube. You learn everything about the different market cycles and how you can respond to the market. They also make a live trade themselves based on their own technical analysis. The trade is done on the Kraken exchange. Module 6 contains the following lessons: How does a crypto exchange work? (12 minutes) Bubbles, emotions and market cycles (14 minutes) Buy and sell crypto at the right time thanks to support and resistance (10 minutes) Understand the course thanks to candlesticks (22 minutes) Watch a live trade! (14 minutes)

Chapter 7: The Winning Mindset

A brand new chapter that has been added since we started this with the crypto course. A good mindset ensures in many areas that you look at things from a different perspective. It is not without reason that Jia Ruan has made a complete Unstoppable Mindset course. It is not only important in business and daily life, but also when trading crypto. Module 8 contains the following lessons: Your dream - What motivates you in life? The average crypto trader - The danger of your emotions The Greatest Fears - What Are The Consequences and How Do You Overcome Them? The most expensive mistakes - Learn to recognize them and, above all, prevent them Overcoming Emotions - The most important tricks for controlling your emotions The Opponent - Learn to take advantage of other people's mistakes Emotional skills - The 5 most important skills to become successful as a crypto trader It's all in your head - Become aware of your weaknesses and turn them into your strengths This is how winners keep winning - How you motivate yourself to the maximum You matter - Dare to put yourself # 1 in your life

Cryptocurrency Course bonus material and bonus lessons

When you buy the Cryptocurrency Masterclass, everyone will receive free bonus material. This can be in the form of videos, texts or ebooks. Read the Crypto Masterclass review quickly to find out what you get for free. Bonus lesson This is not communicated on the website, but we found out about this when we bought the course. You will receive an extra lesson on how to short Bitcoin on BitMEX. This video lasts 26 minutes and shows how you can anticipate a falling price. Perfect during a bear market. You will also receive an Excel document to calculate your leverage. The Crypto Portfolio (worth € 150) Looking for the best cryptos to invest in? AllesOverCrypto advises you in this portfolio and they show the 15 best cryptos to invest in. They do not just advise, but also explain why they think crypto has potential. Access to the VIP community - The Zone

If you have any questions about the course, crypto or anything else, you can ask them in The Zone. This is the AllesOverCrypto community. Not only can you ask questions here, but you also meet people who are interested in the same things as you. The community does not only consist of novice traders, but also experienced traders. The community currently consists of nearly 100 members. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency Glossary (worth € 15) You will receive a 9-page ebook in which the common Bitcoin and altcoin concepts are explained and discussed. This way you don't have to look up all the terms you come across every time. Crypto tax guide (worth € 50)

If you are going to make money, the tax authorities will be the first to find you, even with cryptocurrency's. This is perhaps the most difficult subject, because this is also completely new for the tax authorities. They have spent tens of hours on the phone with the tax authorities, spoken to various tax experts, consulted a lot of websites and they have collected all this information for you in 1 tax guide. Here they explain exactly how you arrange the tax for your money earned with crypto. This ebook consists of 9 pages. Read all about cryptocurrency and taxes here. A life without worries thanks to Bitcoin (worth € 35) In this ebook you can read 5 tips on how to make less loss and how to focus on making real money with cryptocurrency. This ebook consists of 7 pages. Read here also 5 tips on how to make more profit with crypto trading. 12 tips for beginners (worth € 40) With these tips you can avoid the common pitfalls of cryptocurrency. Especially for beginners they have written an extensive ebook with 12 important tips. With these tips you can save a lot of money, but also earn. If you haven't read it yet, this is an absolute must. The Bitcoin Bible (worth € 50)

This ebook consists of no less than 132 pages, explaining why crypto and blockchain are the future. Handy for on the go or when you feel like reading something. The Million Dollar Template (worth € 100) Know exactly how much you can trade and estimate your risks? With this template you can calculate that automatically. Very useful when you start trading. Know exactly when, in what and how much to invest (worth € 50) ebook Buying and selling the right cryptocurrency at the right time The hardest thing about crypto trading is timing. You never know exactly when to invest and you actually do something. After reading this ebook you will know exactly when to invest and how to control your emotions.

Before you start investing in cryptocurrency you have many questions. In particular, the following 4 questions often prevent you from actually taking the first step in the crypto world: When is the best time to buy cryptocurrency? When is the best time to sell them again? In which cryptocurrency can I best invest? How much money do I have to deposit? They provide comprehensive answers to these questions in this 58-page ebook. You will receive various templates to determine your purchasing and sales strategies. Then you can sit back and do exactly what the template tells you.

Cryptocurrency Masterclass costs The costs for the Cryptocurrency Course are temporarily € 567. Normally the total package costs € 1000, but AllesOverCrypto now has a temporary discount promotion. In addition, you now also receive more than € 700 in bonus material completely free of charge. The costs are reasonable when you consider what you get in return. After all, it is an investment in yourself and can lead to more profit. If your goal is to at least recoup the costs with crypto trading, you will probably get it out quickly. When purchasing the Cryptocurrency Course you can claim a refund 14 days after purchase. If you do not like the course at all, you can send an email and you will receive your money back immediately. Investing in the course is therefore risk-free and you can always claim your money back. Are AllesOverCrypto and the crypto course reliable?

We bought the training ourselves for this Crypto Masterclass review. So we can assure that AllesOverCrypto is reliable. Immediately after purchase we received an email with the information to log in for the course. The men behind AllesOverCrypto fully support the product and are clearly visible on the website and sales pages. For example, they gave various online interviews at, for example, the VU Magazine. Furthermore, you do not run any risk when purchasing this course. You can request a refund within 14 days thanks to the guarantee that Derek and Patrick offer. You only have to send an email and they will refund the money to your account within 2 working days. They don't even ask questions. You can therefore purchase this course virtually risk-free. The transaction is carried out by PayPro, which is a payment provider that works between you and AllesOverCrypto. This ensures a safe transaction. Conclusion Crypto Masterclass review of AllesOverCrypto

The Cryptocurrency Course from AllesOverCrypto is perfectly suited for new people who want to learn more about crypto. It is explained in clear and understandable language and visualized by means of video support. For people with no technical experience, we think it is fairly easy to follow the videos and perform the steps. It is simply imitating the steps you see in the video. The cryptocurrency course costs are relatively high, but worth it if you want to learn more about crypto and learn the basics about trading. The part that we are not happy with is module 4: ICOs. As far as we are concerned, this part can be removed or updated. The bonus material provides plenty of extras and ensures that the course is worth € 567. In addition, the money-back guarantee gives you enough confidence to buy the training risk-free.

You will also receive lifelong support and you will receive free help from one of the mentors. The world of cryptocurrency is changing rapidly and information does not stay up to date for long. Once you have purchased the program, you will receive all updates for free. Everything About Crypto logo TEMPORARY: € 5 extra discount on the Crypto Masterclass from AllesOverCrypto 5EUROCRYPTOTIPS View Code Always Valid We think this Crypto Masterclass review gives a good indication of what you can expect from the course. If you have any questions, please Top Mixers us.