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Bitcoins have boomed in popularity in recent years. The cryptocurrency has become very popular in a short time, but also notorious for the strong fluctuations in the price. Despite this, bitcoins remain popular. Where can you buy bitcoins? Are there special places in the Netherlands where you have to buy bitcoins? We have the answer to your questions!

Buy bitcoins in the Netherlands

You can also buy bitcoins in the Netherlands, of course you do this all online. It is simply an online currency. In the Netherlands there are relatively many new exchanges for Bitcoin where you can trade in the cryptocurrency.

Storing bitcoins: hard ware wallet

The bitcoins you have bought must of course be “kept” somewhere, just like you keep your euros in a bank account or in a piggy bank. You can store a bitcoin on an exchange, but you can also store it on a physical device. With a physical device we mean, for example, a device where you can store the bitcoins and that you can store in, for example, a safe. A simple piece of paper can also be a physical bitcoin storage device.

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Store bitcoins: soft ware wallet

A soft ware wallet is a digital wallet that you install on your phone, laptop or computer. This way you always have your cryptocurrency at hand. The wallet software is often free. Yet there is also a disadvantage to storing bitcoins in a software wallet. You can read more about this in the extensive article about buying and storing bitcoins.

Store bitcoins on an exchange

The third option to store your bitcoins is to keep them on an exchange. However, you are not in full control of your cryptocurrency, as you do not own the bitcoins' private keys. However, you can quickly react to changes in the bitcoin world and easily and quickly trade your bitcoins through the exchange. Units of bitcoin You may have already seen it in our bitcoin calculator: 1 bitcoin is a nice amount in euros. Do you want to buy a bitcoin, but don't want to spend that much money on it right away? You don't necessarily have to buy an entire bitcoin. You can also buy parts of a bitcoin. The smallest unit of a bitcoin is a Satoshi. This is one millionth of a bitcoin. Compare providers Different exchanges and sites that sell bitcoins charge different prices for the cryptocurrency. It is therefore not a bad idea to compare the prices of some providers. It takes a bit more time, but then you have the best deal for your bitcoins. Extensive step-by-step plan You can find our detailed step-by-step plan for buying bitcoins here!

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