With these terms and conditions, you won't miss out on investment advice for bitcoin again




As with any field and industry, the crypto market also has its own jargon, in this case the language of cryptography. The big difference with the past is that you don't hear it, you read it. Communication is usually digital. Because of this, you can skip context and most likely miss those strange abbreviations. It's a shame. You can skip an important tip. We hope that with these terms and their meanings, you understand all the tips for investing in bitcoin. Trade cryptocurrency based on price Crypto trading with a reasonable price You can trade cryptocurrencies at low prices on BitcoinMeester. The world of cryptocurrencies has its own terms, often derived from popular English expressions. As strange as they seem or sound, they all matter. We are happy to help you with this review.

DYOR - Do your own research

This term is a kind of disclaimer and a reference to the responsibility of the readers. It should be understood this way: with this contribution we do not give advice, do your own research.

FOMO - Fear of Missing Out

Freely translated: "fear of missing the notorious boat." The term is often used to refer to people boarding or participating because they are afraid or they will be left empty-handed. The zip code lottery, for example, responds to this ("suppose he fell on our street, the neighbor has a prize, but I have nothing, so I take a lottery ticket"). In the cryptocurrency market, we often see how this happens when prices rise. People buy as soon as the price starts to rise, fearing that they will not benefit from further price increases. In this video you can see how you can prevent FOMO trading (text continues after video).

JOMO / FOJI - Joy to miss / Fear to join

Both concepts are the opposite of FOMO, JOMO is luck that you don't have to go through adversity (like a sharp drop in prices). FOJI is the fear to step in and find that prices continue to fall.

FUD - Fear, Insecurity and Doubt

This term is used to denote people spreading misinformation about currency or competitors. For example: Bitcoin hack rumors cause a lot of FUD. Hodl - hold / don't sell Legend has it that this happened because someone answered a hold or sell question when prices rose with a hodl typo instead of hold. Since then, a term that indicates that you definitely shouldn't be selling. BTFD - Buy a Fucking Failure Nobody said that cryptocurrency insiders were pretty guys ... By this advice, they mean that you need to buy a cryptocurrency like bitcoin after a drop before prices start to rise again.

STFR - Sell the fucking rip

When someone uses this edited text, they mean that it is likely that the price rally exceeds its peak, and you need to sell quickly before the price starts to fall.

LAMBO - Lamborghini

This equally reserved term means the feeling that you can get rich quick with cryptocurrencies. “HODL till LAMBO” was a very popular phrase at the end of 2017. While not everything is lyrically beautiful, you know for sure that now you understand what they are talking about. Anyway: STFR, FUD or HODL? DYOR! More crypto language Curious to learn more about the crypto language? Then we will be happy to help you on your way!