5 best Bitcoin tumbler (mixer) services




Bitcoin exchange, also called mixing or laundering cryptocurrency is the process of using a third party service to break the connection between the bitcoin sending address and the receiving address (s). So it's pretty simple: which bitcoin glass is better? We did our own investigation and this is what our research showed on the 5 most popular Bitcoin switching services.

Is Bitcoin Fall required?

You are virtually anonymous, fees are extremely low, transactions are confirmed in just a few minutes, and you don't need to trust anyone or a corporation. However, this magnificence comes at a price. Namely, anyone with a copy of the complete blockchain (which is freely available) can view the transaction history of everyone, including yours. Based on this and some external information, others can determine the owner of an arbitrary Bitcoin address. You can send all the money to the new address and forget about the old one, but this is a very thin cover; such an operation will not deceive you as a potential spy. A good example is a recently leaked memo in which the US Army and NSA tried to track cryptocurrency users by analyzing transactions. And this is where the bitcoin glass comes to the rescue. authorities tracking bitcoin.

But it's not just the authorities that track illegal cryptocurrency transactions. There are also exchange platforms that seek to monitor transactions from specific sources such as gambling sites and dark web Tumbler. For example, Coinbase states that it does not accept funds from gambling sites for reasons that are best known to them. But a good and justifiable reason is that gambling sites are well known as money laundering centers where some of the proceeds come from the dark web. Mixing Bitcoin helps you separate any BTC you buy from your identity. You submit your coins to a bitcoin mixing service; they charge a small mixing fee and, after a random delay, send you an equivalent amount of other people's bitcoins to your new address. In other words, coin mixing services take your money and give you new money to keep your privacy. Thus, to avoid the inconvenience of using funds from sources that are not considered "clean", cryptocurrency switching services offer a solution.

5 Most Popular Bitcoin Mixing Services

Various bitcoin shuffles are currently in use. And before choosing one, the user must consider several factors. First of all, the obvious factor is the type of coin you are using and the source of funds. When funds are clean, there is no point in confusing bitcoins as suspicions are unlikely to arise.

But if you are a dark web user who operates certain sites, you should find out if the marketplace you are using has a flipping service built in. You can also check if the site recommends any third party coin mixing services. If not, how to be safe in the future is up to you. We did our own research using Google, Bitcointalk, Reddit and other communities. In this bitcoin mixer review, we have tried to cover the most popular services.

Please pay attention! Use Bitcoin Mixers at your own risk! Mixing cryptocurrencies can lead to legal consequences as well as the loss of your cryptocurrency. Cryptalker staff does not recommend or endorse any specific websites, this article is the result of our independent investigation. Use any of these sites at your own risk!

1. Blender.io

Blender.io has its own bitcoin reserve, considering it a bitcoin chain, when you send your bitcoins to Blender.io, it sends your coins to the end of the chain and sends you fresh, new, unrelated coins from the beginning of the chain. ... Hence, there is no connection between incoming and outgoing coins. Hence, the public ledger will only be able to track coins coming from your wallet to the Blender.io address, but nothing more. Blender.io does not require you to register, register or provide any information other than the "receiving address"! This is the only thing he needs, there can be no better form of anonymity if you ask me.

Since you do not provide any personal information, your identity cannot be compromised. It also cannot be associated with you as Blender.io does not know who you are. Blender.io is one of the most convenient toggle switches in this sense, most other toggle switches offer 3-4 sets of delays, Blender.io offers up to 24, and one for every hour. It also allows you to add up to 8 new addresses for each transaction (most other toggle switches allow a maximum of 5 addresses).

2. BitMix.Biz

itMix.Biz is one of those mixing services that keep your cryptocurrency safe. The platform will accept your bitcoin, mix it with other deposits, and return the same amount of bitcoins to you. It is designed to reduce bitcoin tracking, clean up your coins, and ensure anonymity on a transparent bitcoin network. A bitcoin mixer service like BitMix.Biz will take your bitcoin and then give you another bitcoin back. The platform collects all Bitcoin deposits, consolidates them into one central account, and then returns the bitcoins to users. You get the same amount of bitcoins (no commission), but different bitcoins from different parts of the blockchain. With BitMix.Biz you get a letter of guarantee. This letter of guarantee is a confirmation of BitMix.Biz's commitment. When they give you their Bitcoin address, they provide a digital signature to confirm that this address was indeed generated by the server. This email is always signed from the main bitcoin account BitMix.Biz (this account is publicly available on BitMix.Biz).

The platform also uses a special 12-digit "code" to ensure that you get your bitcoins back every time you use the service. You save this code. This code also 100% excludes the possibility of receiving your own coins at any time in the future. With BitMix.Biz you get: Complete anonymity If your order becomes invalid, BitMix.Biz will delete any information about your transactions. There are absolutely no logs or personally identifiable information about your use of the BitMix.Biz service. Instant translation The money is instantly transferred to your address after the transaction is confirmed. affiliate program BitMix.Biz pays users when they refer others to the platform. They will pay for every transaction made by the mentioned user.

The platform charges a mining commission from 0.4 to 4%. You can set fees manually when mixing bitcoins. The address fee is 0.0005 BTC per exit address to cover any transaction fees charged by miners. The mixing process for BitMix.Biz takes up to 24 hours, although it usually happens “almost instantly” depending on the current service load. You need to mix a minimum of 0.007 BTC and a maximum of 1000 BTC. Transactions outside this range are not accepted.

3. MixTum.io

MixTum.io is a bitcoin mixing service that provides privacy by using the Bitcoin Mixer 2.0 algorithm to mix bitcoins. Unlike other similar services that mix your coins with the coins of other users, this platform mixes your cryptocurrency with the cryptocurrency they bought directly from the cryptocurrency exchanges. MixTum.io validates newly purchased coins using a scoring system with innovative algorithms and tricky technologies such as blockchain volume analysis, cluster analysis, pollution analysis, etc. This means that you will receive your BTC back, split into random parts and even different addresses if needed. Hence, your privacy is protected as there is no Top Mixers with you. It takes up to 6 hours to complete your request.

Another privacy feature of this mixer service is that it does not require registration and does not store any logs. All transactions are digitally signed with letters of guarantee, which you can check on the website at any time. They also provide 24/7 technical support. MixTum.io charges you a 5% transaction fee as well as a network fee of 0.00015 BTC. The platform provides two versions - for the Clearnet and Tor browsers.

4. CryptoMixer

CryptoMixer is another simple but trustworthy Bitcoin Tumbler service. And one of the main differences between this platform and other platforms on this list is that it can handle truly "high volume transactions." There is no maximum transaction limit per se given the size of their reserve, and you need to become a millionaire before you run out of their funds. If any limit is violated, you will receive a notification before payment.

The minimum transaction is 0.001 BTC, any amount below this is considered a donation, as is the case with PriveCoin, and is not sent back to the client. The minimum commission is 0.5% plus 0.0005 BTC for each completed transaction. You can set a custom fee for additional anonymity and provide a letter or guarantee, just like all the mentioned Bitcoin switches.

No. Toggle switch functions

1. Blender.io The minimum flat commission you can pay is 0.5% and the maximum is 3%. Extremely anonymous · Quick Customization options Keeps no logs 2. BitMix platform charges mining fees from 0.8 to 3%. You can set fees manually when mixing bitcoins. The address fee is 0.0015 BTC per exit address. · Complete anonymity.

3. Commission for MixTum.io transaction 5% + network commission 0.00015 BTC. A different approach to mixing Logs are not collected No registration required Multiple output addresses (optional) Digitally signed letters of guarantee 24/7 technical support 4. CryptoMixer minimum commission is 0.5% with an additional 0.0005 BTC for each deposited transaction. · No minimum / maximum transaction. High security and privacy conclusions Any Bitcoin toggle switch works anonymously and efficiently. It is important to be trusted. There is no authority or government you can complain about if they run away with your coins. Therefore, if you like privacy and also want to protect your cryptocurrency from government tracking or tracking, Bitcoin mixer services are a good option. Just remember that you are unlikely to find a free bitcoin switcher as they will all charge a small fee of 0.5% to 3%.