8 best Bitcoin Mixer services (Tumbler) 2021




Have you heard that Bitcoin transactions are far from anonymous? If you are not surprised by this news, you may have already used the toggle switch and mixed your coins so they cannot be tracked. If this has already happened or you are planning to do so, here are the best mixing sites where you can choose the best Bitcoin mixer for you. You will agree that it is imperative to keep in mind a reliable platform to access anytime you need to clear colored coins or make them untraceable. See: This article will guide you through the 8 best glass making services on the Internet for your comfort choice. btc blender. Table of contents 8 best bitcoin tumbling services How we chose How we tested Why should you trust us When is Bitcoin Needed? Summing up.

8 best bitcoin tumbling services

Mixing bitcoins has become incredibly popular since the first evidence of coin tracking was presented. The pseudo-anonymous nature of crypto transactions has led cryptocurrency holders to look for cheap and efficient ways to increase privacy, and Bitcoin mixing platforms have become one of them. cryptocurrencies A blender, scrambler or toggle switch is a website that is used by bitcoin holders to disable the sender and receiver of a transaction. This is achieved by mixing the user's coins in the common pool with the coins of other users and the service's private reserves. The procedure is simple and cheap, although it takes some time to complete - on most services, users choose the delay time themselves, and it can take up to several days until clean coins are delivered to the specified address. mix btc. Today, more and more websites are starting to offer mixing services to cryptocurrency holders, but not all of them can be trusted. We've hand-picked the 10 best scramblers suitable for mixing coins.

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Supported Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin Transaction Fee: 0.5% - 2.5% Minimum deposit: 0.001 BTC Multiple addresses: 8 blender. Required confirmations: minimum 3 No Journal policy: yes Registration required: no Referral program: no Letter of guarantee: yes.

Launched in 2017, Blender.io offers bitcoin holders to mix their coins with minimal fees when compared to other platforms. When you open the website, you are immediately prompted to start the mixing process without providing any personal details or registering any accounts. There are a few gaps to fill if you want to flip coins. In the first field, users are asked to enter the recipient's address - this could be your other address or someone else's. In addition, you can distribute funds among 8 addresses by clicking the green plus that says “Add another address” at the end of the line. It is important to remember that there is an additional charge for using additional addresses. The second field on this row prompts users to select a delay time ranging from 0 hours (almost instantaneous mixing) to 7 days. You can choose a different delay time for each provided address. The next step is to choose a service fee. Blender allows users to choose the commission they are willing to pay, from 0.5% to 2.5%. The higher the commission that users choose, the faster transactions are processed. Moreover, the minimum commission is visible on the blockchain, therefore it is not recommended to mix coins in this way, since with a higher commission the level of anonymity is much higher. Another block and big advantage of the Blender platform is the mixing code - a feature that prevents the return of coins that the user has mixed previously if he or she uses the service again. Each user can reinvent it by making the first mix and re-enter it with each subsequent transaction. Once the user fills in all the fields, you can start acrobatics by clicking the Mix Coins button. This click will take users to a page where they can download a letter of guarantee - confirmation that the platform has accepted a deposit from the user and will return clean funds, as well as send coins to the platform. The platform does not collect any logs and all transaction information is deleted immediately upon delivery of funds to the specified address (s).


Supported Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin Transaction Fee: 4% to 5% Minimum deposit: 0.001 BTC Multiple addresses: 2 or individual option Confirmation required: yes No Journal policy: yes Registration required: no Referral program: no Letter of guarantee: yes

Mixtum home page Mixtum is a unique toggle switch that works a little differently than other services. Calling itself a premium bitcoin mixer, it doesn't give customers the same flexibility as other platforms, but it does guarantee a higher level of anonymity. The platform takes a fundamentally different approach to mixing. If the user wants to mix coins, he needs to send a request via Clearnet or Tor for more security of the transaction and select up to two addresses for the delivery of funds. At the same time, the platform allows you to increase the number of addresses using a special option. After that, the user sends the cryptocurrency to the specified wallet address, and he goes through 3 stages of the mixing process, which on average takes 6 hours: The coins are added to the pre-mixer and mixed with other coins. Coins are sent to investors 'accounts on exchanges where they are mixed with other traders' money. The platform uses a unique transfer algorithm chosen by investors and dividing funds between them in order to maintain the highest level of anonymity. Coins are sent to an intermediary wallet before they are delivered to the final address.

Pure coins are sent through 2 or more transactions in random amounts, so they cannot be tracked. According to the official scrambler website, it has the following benefits: Free trial with a minimum amount of 0.001 BTC, no mixing fees; No need to register and no logging policy, all data about the mixing process is deleted upon completion; 24/7 availability and customer support; Providing letters of guarantee with obligations to the client.


Supported Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin Transaction Fee: 0.5% to 3% Minimum deposit: 0.001 BTC Multiple addresses: 10 Confirmation required: yes No Journal policy: yes Registration required: no Referral program: yes Letter of guarantee: yes Cryptomixer home page

The platform began offering mixing services in 2016 and is actively used by cryptocurrency holders today. It has a 2,000 coin supply, which makes acrobatic exercises almost instantaneous and helps keep traceability to a minimum. All transaction data is deleted after 7 days. This service reports BitcoinTalk confirmation and marks every coin that has already been cleared on the platform to prevent it from returning to the client's wallet again. This is achieved by providing a unique CryptoMixer code during the first transaction. The platform mixing procedure is very simple and fast. There is no need to register as you can start mixing by opening the website's landing page and clicking the "Start" button. You will be redirected to the page where you need: Provide the CryptoMixer code (come up with and write down if this is your first time using this service);

To enter bitcoins, send an address or several of them (up to 10). Funds are distributed at a percentage shown next to each address. These can be configured on the panel below the service charge panel: Set a delay (optional). The system automatically detects the delay time and displays it next to each destination. It can also be configured in the panel at the bottom of the page; Select a service fee by dragging the slider. The minimum commission is 0.5% plus HTC 0.0005 per transaction. It can be lower if you mix more cryptocurrencies (e.g. 0.25% for mixing 1000 BTC). When all this information is provided, you must click “Continue” and accept the two terms of the platform. After that, you will need to send funds to the platform to the generated address or scanned QR code. This page will also ask you to download a letter of guarantee for your safety. The platform offers a calculator on the first page for each user to see how much crypto is sent and how much is received after mixing. Other great features are a lifetime affiliate program with payouts up to 50%, responsive mobile devices and an easy-to-use API.


Supported Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin Transaction Fee: 2% plus Network Fee 0.0004 BTC Minimum deposit: 0.01 BTC Multiple addresses: 10 Confirmations required: 1 No logs policy: unknown Registration required: no Referral program: no Letter of guarantee: yes This mixing platform is one of the youngest on the market since it only started in 2019. However, it offers users to mix bitcoins or pay through this service using pure coins. The mixing procedure is very simple and does not require registration on the platform. It is enough to open the site and click the "Mix" button to go to the page with fields for filling. The first field is for inserting one or up to ten destination addresses (separated by one dash). The next field is for entering the number of mixed coins (maximum 100 BTC) and the third field requires users to enter a delay time. When you fill in all the information and start mixing, you will be prompted for an address to send bitcoins, a PGP confirmation for the download, a mixer ID to remember, and the final amount to receive (it will be charged). To complete the transaction, it is enough to provide at least 1 confirmation. One of the features provided by the platform is the ability to test the mix by entering an ID. The mixer addresses are valid for 24 hours plus the delay time, so after a day, all information about the completed mixing of coins is deleted from the platform.


Supported cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum. Transaction Fee: 2-5% Minimum deposit: 0.02 BTC Multiple Addresses: No Required confirmations: 6 No Log policy: yes Registration required: no Referral program: yes Letter of guarantee: no

BitcoinMix is ​​a mixing platform that supports not only Bitcoin but Ethereum coins as well. The tumbling procedure is simple and quick. It is enough to open the website and enter the address to send Bitcoin or Ethereum. There is also a bar for selecting the delay time from 30 to 1200 minutes. When you click "Next", you will be redirected to another page with the address for sending coins. The minimum amount is 0.02 BTC, all smaller amounts are accepted as donations. According to the platform, 6 confirmations are required to process a transaction. BitcoinMix is ​​a service that does not store logs or emails. The latter are usually deleted after 24 hours. In addition, it offers participation in the affiliate program from 55% to 60% of the commission of each partner.


Supported cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin Transaction Fee: 0.4% to 4% + 0.0003 Mining Fee for BTC, 2% to 20% + 0.0003 Mining Fee for LTC Minimum deposit: 0.005 BTC, 0.015 LTC Multiple addresses: 5 Required confirmations: from 1 to 6 No Log policy: yes Registration required: no Referral program: yes Letter of guarantee: yes

Cryptocurrency anonymity is possible with the young but reliable BitMix platform. This scrambler supports not only Bitcoin, but LiteCoin as well, but Ethereum will soon be added to the list. The main advantage of the service is the ability to make instant translations, but in general the mixing process is similar to the process performed on other services. When you select the "Mixer" option in the upper right corner of the landing page, you are prompted for a unique code (provided on your first transaction to prevent your coins from being returned), destination address or several of them (up 5), percentage distribution between addresses , delay time (up to 72 hours) and, of course, service charges from 0.4% to 4%. However, there are two more unique features of this mixer. First, it is a scale that shows the mixing strength depending on the selected board. Secondly, it is an opportunity to randomize output addresses and receive funds not in the form of one reverse transaction, but in the form of several of them. This increases the level of anonymity, but you must be prepared to pay higher fees and mining fees for each additional transaction. There is an affiliate program on the platform, through which you can receive 50% of your member's income and is given for life.


Supported Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin Transaction fee: pay what you want Minimum deposit: 0.001 BTC Multiple addresses: unlimited Required confirmations: from 1 to 6 No Journal policy: yes Registration required: no Referral program: no Letter of guarantee: yes

ChipMixer, while one of the mixers that guarantees a much higher level of anonymity than others, is also a unique mixer that works in a completely different way from other services. The service has wallets with chips ranging from 0.01 BTC to 8.192 BTC, which can be split and combined according to the wishes of their holder. These chips are delivered to wallets before the owner of the cryptocurrency sends funds to the platform, so it is not possible to link the following transactions in any way. Moreover, each user has up to 7 days or even more (upon request) to send coins after starting the mixing process. However, the private keys from the wallet with chips are issued to the user only upon delivery of funds to the service. From this moment, the user can split and combine coins in the required amount, send them to the desired addresses, or simply store them in anticipation of their value growth. All processes are performed manually, so users do not depend on any services and can distribute funds as they wish. Since the mixing is done by the user, there is no standard fee for this process and cryptocurrency holders can decide for themselves how much to donate. It is worth noting that deposits are counted up to three decimal places, and the platform issues a signed receipt to each user as a reliable source of the coin's origin. What's more, there is the option to place bets to have fun and even increase your crypto assets if you're lucky.

How we chose

Since the number of scrambler services is constantly growing, choosing just ten of them was not easy. However, the main factors that we took into account when compiling this list were the following: The popularity of the toggle switch on the network; The prevalence of positive reviews; Higher rating among users; Variety of features and benefits offered to users; The number of mixed cryptocurrencies; Simplicity of the mixing process; Availability; Anonymity level.

How we tested

Each of the following services has been reviewed by our team to ensure they work and not scams. We sent each service a minimum amount to check their work and received back clean, uncolored coins with a minimum commission. What's more, our team has analyzed reviews of these services and reviews from other users, as well as studied all the features of these platforms to select only the best. However, we are obliged to warn you that we are not responsible for the operation of these switches. Despite our positive experience, mixing is a risky process that can lead to unpredictable consequences and even the loss of your coins. Therefore, we recommend that all our readers invest only the amount that is not critical for them. Why should you trust us Naturally, the best way to use a Bitcoin mixer is to avoid registration and do the least amount of action during the process. However, it is important to remember that the number of scammers increases with the number of reliable platforms, so sometimes it is better to spend more time mixing and minimize risks. Our team of specialists in the cryptoindustry has extensive experience and follows all the latest trends in this area. We communicate with hundreds of cryptocurrency holders, and also conduct our own experiments to understand whether a particular platform is worth your attention and investment. Our team has spent several days analyzing each platform in detail to ensure this list of the best toggle switches is reliable and trustworthy. We hope that our work will help you make the right choice of a scrambler and get clean coins if you decide to use its services.

When is Bitcoin Needed?

Digital money such as fiat money is tracked, and despite a wealth of information about the anonymous nature of bitcoin, there is more and more evidence that cryptocurrency transactions can be tracked, and it is even possible to find out who owns a particular wallet based on transactions. done to him or to him. It is widely known that the blockchain records the history of transactions and makes them publicly available. Currently, we come across many examples of analysis software that helps connect the two sides of every transaction, compile the transaction history of a particular wallet, and even compare personal data from the Internet to it. As a result, we see that cryptocurrency transactions are pseudo-anonymous and require additional.