European users to the liquidity of the Japanese bitcoin market

The bitFlyer Europe cryptocurrency exchange has announced that it will provide direct access to the liquidity of its parent platform in Japan for European bitcoin traders.

"For the first time, European users will be able to access one of the largest bitcoin Tumbler in Japan using a platform regulated in Europe," the company writes.

It is estimated that about 20% of bitcoin trading in pairs with Fiat currencies is in the Japanese yen, of which 70% is on the bitFlyer platform. "bitFlyer is now not only the first cryptocurrency exchange licensed to operate in Japan, the EU, and the US, but also the first to provide cross – border access to JPY liquidity," the press release said. As Andy Bryant, chief operating officer of bitFlyer Europe, noted, previously users in Europe had to take several additional steps to get access to a trading pair with the yen. In the future, the company intends to make all trading pairs in its spot market available in all regions it serves, for example, BTC/JPY in the US, BTC/USD in Europe and Japan, and BTC/EUR in Japan and the US.

KuCoin crypto exchange

The KuCoin crypto exchange said that it will soon fully reimburse users affected by the hacking on September 26. KuCoin uses funds from an insurance Fund that it created in 2018 to protect traders ' funds.

According to KuCoin, hackers stole about $200 million from the exchange's hot wallets. Basically, the attackers withdrew BTC, ETH, and ERC-20 tokens. After the hack, the exchange stopped using compromised wallets. In KuCoin noted that the funds from the cold wallets are safe.

Due to a hacker attack the crypto currency exchange suspended the Deposit and withdrawal of funds. For some tokens, these functions have already been restored, for others, the ability to top up and withdraw money will appear in the near future. Trading on the exchange is still available.

KuCoin is investigating the hack

KuCoin is investigating the hack together with cybersecurity experts, crypto exchanges, blockchain projects, and law enforcement agencies. According to the CEO of the crypto exchange, johnny Liu, to track stolen assets, KuCoin cooperates with Huobi, Binance, OKEx, BitMax, Bybit and other major crypto exchanges.

total value of $140 million from the control of suspicious addresses

"We have already managed to withdraw ten coins with a total value of $140 million from the control of suspicious addresses. Some of these funds are frozen, and some of them are returned to users. In the future, we will strengthen the security system of KuCoin with the help of leading companies in the field of cybersecurity," commented KuCoin.

After the hacker attack, KuCoin launched the "Protection program"project. Its purpose is to inform clients and partners of the crypto exchange about the investigation of hacking in real time. On the project page, users can consult with experts of the crypto currency exchange and to receive technical support.

You can also follow the news about the hacking investigation on the KuCoin website. The crypto currency exchange is regularly updating the information.

  • Recall that in mid-September, KuCoin entered into a strategic partnership with the Poloniex crypto exchange for joint research and development of the bitcoin industry.